Superpowers Cannot Go Toe-to-Toe

We’ve created the ability to end life on earth, walked on that razor’s edge for decades, and need to be aware of the risk

Mitchell Peterson


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“Violence is a disease, a disease that corrupts all who use it regardless of the cause.” — Chris Hedges

The role of the media should be to inform. To analyze and investigate society, events, and institutions and relay what they’ve found. Instead, we get propagandistic sound bites and lopsided politically-motivated takes. We usually only see one side of an issue, or ‘both sides’ of the debate stay within a tightly controlled ideological sliver.

A look on and all one sees is a singularly focused narrative with very limited context. And I cannot handle the pro-war cheerleading of the American media.

Living in Prague and recent events unfolding in Eastern Europe, I’ve been getting messages from American friends and family checking in. The Czech Republic has a long history with Russia — particularly the events of 1968. Everything is obviously fine over here at the moment, but I thought I’d lay out how I’m thinking about the situation.

First off, I’m glad I didn’t write on the issue before because I did not see this coming. I can be too often focused on Western lies and aggression and too ready to believe other actors are more rational and measured. I felt quite confident it was all geopolitical posturing and debated writing a ‘Don’t Worry, Nothing is Going to Happen’ article, but my intuition told me I couldn’t know that for sure.

And now here we are. I’m not going to go into or debate all the details. The invasion is obviously wholly inexcusable.

But people predicted these events back in the nineties. Many saw the continued expansion of NATO was going to lead us in a dangerous direction. It did in Georgia in 2008, and it has again.

Horrific and inexcusable as the situation is, it didn’t happen in a vacuum. With zero historical context, the media portrays a rogue psychopathic nation that woke up and decided to march on a neighbor. I encourage everyone to read about the fall of the Soviet Union, the promises not to expand NATO, President Bootin’s 2007 speech in Munich, the Maidan coup, the…



Mitchell Peterson

Freelance writer who spent nine years outside the US, currently in rural America writing the Substack bestseller 18 Uncles.