Please Tell Me Nobody is Falling for the Bezos ‘Giving Away His Fortune’ Bullsh*t

How many fake billionaire foundations need to be created before people realize it’s a PR scam mixed with tax avoidance?

Mitchell Peterson
6 min readNov 17, 2022


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Once again, the media is pumping out articles about how another billionaire has pledged to give away their money. The craziest part for me is that people still fall for this grift. Remember the Giving Pledge? The ridiculous PR campaign where billionaires signed some bullsh*t promise — with zero commitment or follow-up — to ‘give away’ their money? That was over ten years ago, and what happened?

Gates’ net worth went from $53,000,000,000 to $115,000,000,000 while Mr. Warren Buffett’s went from $39,000,000,000 to $83,000,000,000, and now that dude is ninety years old — Warren! You’re running out of time to ‘give away’ your money, brother.

Somehow, these really really really rich and intelligent people don’t seem to know how to give away their money! They say time and time again they want to donate every last penny, but it just keeps piling up.

It is almost like they’re not giving away their money at all.

Spoiler alert: they aren’t.

Bezos is just the latest to get in the game to score the glowing media coverage that will launder his image and manipulate citizens into believing his bullsh*t about ‘fighting for a better society.’

The insanely wealthy have been at this for well over a century. One could argue that it goes back to every lord, king, and pharoah who gave free barrels of beer and threw a couple of coins at the impoverished in order to maintain a bit of goodwill among the masses.

In the American capitalist era, the centuries-old formula has been simple: accumulate god-levels of wealth on the backs of workers — or ‘labor inputs’ as the psychotic like to say — who can barely afford housing and food, monopolize industries that are critical for civilization, use all that money to influence ‘democratic’ politics in your favor, and then utilize the violence of the state to maintain power and keep those pesky ‘labor inputs’ in line.



Mitchell Peterson

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