Is Your Favorite Podcast Pure Propaganda?

From Joe Rogan to Tim Ferriss and Armchair Expert, there are way too many uncritical interviews laundering the image of evil people

Mitchell Peterson


The word propaganda is a bit subjective, and it is overused these days — by me especially. People yell about ‘animal rights propaganda’ coming from PETA, ‘renewable energy propaganda,’ and our media pretends any anti-war message these days must be coming from Russian-bot farms.

It is seemingly everywhere because, in some ways, it is everywhere.

Propaganda: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.

Anyone speaking on issues they care about could be accused of promoting propaganda because they will have an inherent bias toward information that supports their position and will downplay the negatives. To do so is to be human.

When it comes to nation-states, we know their intelligence agencies are filling the media and internet with narratives that make them heroes and their adversaries out to be evil. We fully understand the concept and can apply it when speaking about any ‘enemies’ of America or ‘the West.’

We can see that others’ education systems and media are set up to promote a certain ideology. But we have a very hard time seeing it in ourselves and within our own countries.

We cannot look in the mirror. When it comes to the USA, we can’t see that we’re brought up with untrue assumptions and a distorted view of the world. Misleading or completely false pro-America narratives are everywhere. And we buy them because we’ve been swimming in that propaganda soup our whole lives.

Of course, right-wingers are all about it and believe everyone should be pushed further down the path of delusion and nationalism. America has never done anything wrong because America, by definition, can do no wrong.

“I’ll never apologize for the United States of America, I don’t care what the facts are.” President George H.W. Bush

But even good-natured anti-war lefties fall for this stuff because we all grew up on these lies and they are so ubiquitous, in our news…



Mitchell Peterson

Freelance writer who spent nine years outside the US, currently in rural America writing the Substack bestseller 18 Uncles.