Hey Medium — I’ve Got a New Project Coming

After averaging nine posts a month, here’s why I’m down to only one article in six weeks

Mitchell Peterson


My late father and I way back in the 90s.

It’s been too long Medium. So first, let me apologize for the absence. I worked my ass off the last year and a half to build a community here, and letting this page drift at sea for so long has felt very strange. But the currents of life move fast, and I’ve been trying to keep my head above water while drowning in work.

I’ve also continued to write but am not quite ready to share it yet.

Since the algorithm changes and directional shift that happened on Medium last autumn, the views have been harder and harder to come by for the type of articles I had become used to writing.

Heterodox political analysis and breaking Western stereotypes isn’t the vibe that gets promoted here, and that is okay.

I am still reading and listening to podcasts on those topics and still have so much to say about what is currently happening in the world.

If I’d had time, I would’ve loved to write pieces on Macron’s trip to China, the Saudi-Iran diplomatic breakthroughs, Marianne Williamson running for president, the lack of debates in the Democratic primary, the media response to Elon Musk’s rocket fiasco, Tucker Carlson leaving Fox, the Supreme Court corruption scandals, Trump’s criminal charges, more on the US banking crises, the BRICS development bank, a very interesting recent speech by Jake Sullivan, ongoing de-dollarization, the Mexican president asserting their national sovereignty, and freaking King Charles’ coronation — just to name a few.

Last year, I probably would have woken up early to write on all of those events and more. This year, it doesn’t quite feel worth the time commitment. But holy crap are there geopolitical shifts happening.

But I haven’t written on those topics partially because the views and monetary return have tanked, but also because I think ChatGPT could write decent articles on some of those topics. I thought about giving it a try and editing the pieces, but again, it didn’t feel worth the effort.

There are many great journalists breaking down those events, and I’m not sure if my voice on Medium…



Mitchell Peterson

Freelance writer who spent nine years outside the US, currently in rural America writing the Substack bestseller 18 Uncles.