Biden is Officially LESS Popular than Trump

As many predicted, the “safe” choice is dragging America even further into the abyss

Mitchell Peterson


It doesn’t take much to drive a wedge between Americans when they’re already this divided. Every issue immediately splits down the middle, and people are at each others’ throats. Be it avocado toast, Aaron Rodgers, renewable energy, Dr. Seuss, or Satan shoes, Americans are forced to take a side, and talking heads scream it out on networks with tanking ratings.

Since around 2016, that’s been America’s natural state. It can, however, take some skill for a politician to get almost seventy percent of the nation to agree on something, and that has happened my friends.

Judging by the new poll numbers, the overwhelming majority of Americans agree that Joe Biden is a disaster.

His abysmal approval rating stands at only 33%, which is lower than Trump’s was at his lowest, meaning Biden is officially more unpopular than the Orange Don.

The White House couldn’t be doing this poorly if they tried — truly.

How’d we get here?

Riding that honeymoon period and tossing out the second-to-last-most unpopular president in modern history, the Biden White House came into office with high approval numbers and a mandate from the American people: right the ship.

The sycophantic media was making FDR and LBJ comparisons before Scranton Joe even had a chance to get lost looking for an ice cream stand in the Rose Garden or frightened from his own ass print in the Oval Office sofa.

The administration hit the ground running — ish, signing executive orders to reverse a lot of Trump mayhem, and they even held it together long enough to pass another COVID relief bill that was actually good, and it helped a lot of people.

But that was the spring. It was still early. Every president has a first one hundred day plan and seems like they’re going to be cashing checks and snapping necks for four years, but they inevitably slow it down.

The problem with Team Biden is that they didn’t have that luxury. This isn’t 1992. The country is experiencing a global pandemic, economic crisis, and is…



Mitchell Peterson

Freelance writer who spent nine years outside the US, currently in rural America writing the Substack bestseller 18 Uncles.