A Kamala-Pete Ticket Would be an Absolute Disaster

Policy-free identity politics is crazy unpopular and the only offering of a corrupt, dying empire with a lost ideology

Mitchell Peterson
7 min readDec 13, 2021


Not that it’s hard to see, but I’m calling it now: the Democrats are screwed in the next two election cycles. I don’t think that it is too controversial of a stance. I think they can feel it. The party is floundering around and coming out with statements saying Biden is going to run again while Mayor Pete waits in the wings and Team Harris is trying not to let her favorability numbers fall all the way into the thirties.

How on earth did the hand-picked heir to the throne end up quickly becoming the least popular vice president in decades? The party couldn’t do a better job at teeing up a ’22 Republican landslide and Trump resurgence in ’24. Sometimes, I think that’s what they want. It seems to be the only explanation for their utter incompetence and inability to look at some polling and read the freaking room.

For all the Ivy league degrees and condescension, how are they so bad? It doesn’t have to be like this. Biden could be hammering out executive orders, and the party could be fighting hard and passing popular legislation.

Instead, donors’ interests keep them from doing anything but watch their popularity and the whole country nose dive into uncharted chaos.

Is 2024 really going to come down to a Kamala-Pete or Pete-Kamala ticket?

Here’s why I think that’d be an absolute slow-motion trainwreck and surefire Republican win, no matter who the GOP threw up, the Orange-Don or not.

It takes more than an identity

On paper, that ticket sounds like it’d be a smash. A female vice president and former prosecutor running with a young veteran who was Transportation Secretary and would be the first homosexual in history to be nominated. They’re both highly educated, intelligent and, while Pete’s is minimal, have experience in public office.

But the writing is on the wall. They ran in the Democratic primary and, while each getting glowing coverage from the press and having a moment, ended up crashing and burning. They had every…



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