After completely deleting two drafts, I’m taking a different approach.

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After studying for years and feeling like I was going nowhere, I implemented new strategies and reached fluency

A row of books.
A row of books.
Image by Anne Karakash from Pixabay

The man who never missed an opportunity to take a shot at veganism is this vegan’s #1 inspiration.

Favorite T and a Czech tall boy on a night train to Croatia.

Deal-breakers and trapdoors that are crushing Americans but don’t exist in other countries.

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When the travel gods flip a typical tourist experience into a soul-jarring, beautiful moment

Pompeii Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

Why I wanted to be reminded of Bronnie Ware’s classic book every day and how I’m using it to navigate life.

Photo from the author.

A short story of an Elmo sticker helping me find peace in a dark place.

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The best travel experiences usually aren’t picturesque and definitely aren’t planned

Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabay

It’s been a slow and steady journey from fast-food benders and over-sleeping to rising at the break of dawn to pursue my goals.

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Mitchell Peterson

Anthony Bourdain super-fan on my seventh year outside of the US, residing in Prague and transitioning from ESL teaching to writing. Instagram: @mitchellglenn

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