After completely deleting two drafts, I’m taking a different approach.

The third time’s the charm. I’m realizing that writing about myself is significantly harder than I thought. Well, writing about myself is relatively easy but making it worth reading seems to be an insurmountable challenge for me at the moment.

The first two drafts were dreadful. Here’s a quick synopsis: I swear I’m cool and interesting and smart and look at how much I know about writing and how much I’ve read.

Getting anything onto the page these days has been hesitant, painful, and unnatural. Writing has basically become pulling out my own teeth. …

After studying for years and feeling like I was going nowhere, I implemented new strategies and reached fluency

A row of books.
A row of books.

Learning a language can be one of the most rewarding experiences ever—and it does take work.

There’s no avoiding putting in the time, studying the vocabulary, and practicing the grammar but there are ways to make it fun and expedite the learning process.

The man who never missed an opportunity to take a shot at veganism is this vegan’s #1 inspiration.

Anthony Bourdain actively hated on vegans and vegetarians at any opportunity and constantly talked about the beauty of pork. So, being a hardcore soy-boy-vegan-loon, why is he my hero?

I get asked this question often and the first reason he’s a legend to me is because he was an influence on me way before I went vegan. Personally, I’ve been obsessed with the man since I was around seventeen-years-old. I bought a flat-screen television on my sixteenth birthday, shortly after we had moved to a new house and FINALLY got cable TV. — Yes, we grew up without cable. —…

Not waiving vaccine patent rights, in Biden’s words from the campaign trail, “lacks any human dignity.” So, why did it take him so long to support it?

Our governments pretend they’re doing everything they can to produce and distribute coronavirus vaccines globally, but are they? The Biden administration recently made a big show of giving sixty million doses to poorer nations, and while that is a lot, it’s a fraction of a percentile of what is needed.

So, what’s been holding them back, and why have over one hundred countries not even administered a single dose yet?

There’s a better way to deal with a global pandemic than to have a vaccine bidding war, make countries get in line based on wealth, encourage dog-eat-dog vaccine diplomacy, and…

The major moves, missteps, and what we might be able to glean about the next four years.

The dull truth about Biden is that he’s governed, domestically, as a slightly more progressive version of the Obama administration, with a more ambitious bailout, while his foreign policy is a notch or two more hawkish — a wash, overall, though most of the stories about policy continuity from Afghanistan to Iran to Ukraine and beyond, don’t get headlines. -Matt Taibbi

Biden obviously inherited a mess, but it’s not one that was only created in the last four years by The Evil Orange Menace. …

Deal-breakers and trapdoors that are crushing Americans but don’t exist in other countries.

It’s a cliché to say that America is a dumpster fire these days. The richest country in the world has eight-hour lines at food banks, seventeen million children living in food insecurity, and 27 million people without health insurance.

Nowadays, to completely rip up America and the litany of egregious flaws is too easy. I like to add the caveat that my home country obviously has positive aspects and millions of really good people. There are pockets of awesomeness, unbelievable art being made, and crazy great food. That being said, the political and economic situation has deteriorated to the point…

When the travel gods flip a typical tourist experience into a soul-jarring, beautiful moment

It was a warm, overcast day, the clouds occasionally parting, and a blast of the Mediterranean sun would make everyone shed their light jackets as they wandered the ruins. We were sitting halfway up the gallery, resting our legs in the half-circle theatre that was built in the 2nd century BC. After almost a week of travel, we were taking in the quiet. I was ready to leave and take a nap on a beach chair or the flat’s sofa, but then, something extraordinary happened.

Why I wanted to be reminded of Bronnie Ware’s classic book every day and how I’m using it to navigate life.

What are you going to regret on your deathbed? Have you thought about it? If you had thirty more good days, what would you wish you had done differently? Living a life that was shaped by a tragic, unexpected death, these questions are never too far from my awareness.

From childhood, I’ve always had a decent compass in terms of following my heart, but I’ve been attempting to be more audacious in my goal setting. With that in mind, I worked with my mother to craft a new tattoo. …

A short story of an Elmo sticker helping me find peace in a dark place.

The Universe is always speaking to us… sending us little messages, causing coincidences, and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more. — Nancy Thayer

Have you heard of a totem? I heard about the concept in Pam Grout’s fantastic book, To Thank and Grow Rich. From what I remember, she defines a totem as a recurring item, motif, or theme in our lives that is a reminder that all is okay. For some, it’s when they see a monarch butterfly, hear a certain song, or see the same symbol.

It can be…

Mitchell Peterson

Anthony Bourdain super-fan on my seventh year outside of the US, residing in Prague and transitioning from ESL teaching to writing. Instagram: @mitchellglenn

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